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Enbition enables ambitious start-ups, scale-ups and SMB’s to grow. Why? Because we believe that you achieve maximum growth if you don’t have to worry about the supporting systems and structures. These processes are crucial to attain the sustainable growth that you, but they go at the expense of time and focus that you need to achieve your goals.

Phenix Capital Group

We have a conversation with Dirk Meuleman, CEO of Phenix Capital Group, about his company, his ambitions and the role that Enbition plays for him.

PCG helps large pensionfunds, insurance companies and banks to bring about a positive influence globally with their investments.

3 Questions for our client PCG.

What is your ambition?

“It is our ambition to close the financing gap of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We do this by helping the 300 biggest investors worldwide to invest at least 5% of their assets into these SDG’s"

Dirk Meuleman is CEO bij Phenix Capital Group

Why did you choose to work with Enbition?

I knew Tjitze already for a while and end of 2019 he supported us in getting Exact Online set-up well and organized. Due to the way that project went it gave me the confidence to outsource a larger part of our administration. That is why I have now outsourced our financial administration to you and we have started to implement a new HR-system.

What has been the impact of working with Enbition for your company?

The excellent cashflow planning they have made with us beginning of the year has proven to be invaluable during the coronacrisis. Besides that you are taking a lot of work out of my hands, which enables me to spend that time on other matters. That was really what I was looking for. For instance the setting up of a financial system is more effective and efficient, because you can take full ownership of the whole process.