We are Robert, Tjitze and Levi,the founders of Enbiton.

We started our careers as accountant, bookkeeper and Businessconsultant and through the years discovered our urge be an entrepreneur.

Back to our Roots

Multiple companies have come out of our entrepreneurial spirit, some succesfull and with others we learned some valuable lessons the hard way. Finally we have come to our roots.

We are entrepreneurs with a preference for data and process improvements. That might not be your cup of tea, because not everyone gets that excited about numbers and data as we do, right?

It is exactly that where we see the biggest improvement potential for many customers. But it that was all we got excited about, we would have become an accountant of bookkeeper.

We are different and work different in ways that have proven successful in our own companies. We know what we are talking about and we give advice on the do’s, but especially the don’ts in sustainably growing your company. We come alongside your process and ambitions and give advice, sometime even if you didn’t want to hear it. We are entrepreneurs, supporting entrepreneurs.


An ambitious entrepreneur that can accomplish something that I can’t, that is something that gets me going. I love supporting them in their potential success.


I love being submerged in the world of our clients. I learn so many things and in the mean time I implement my knowledge and experience into their company.


Work for me is one big puzzle. I love analyzing systems and structures and discern how I can implement my lesson learned with new clients.