Why Enbition?

Enable your portfolio companies to effectively build and scale their finance team and in the mean time have immediate visibility into their business performance.

Our solution

As Enbition we provide a completely managed financial solution that delivers companies a greater level of financial insight and control.
From the basis levels of bookkeeping and control to finance and consulting services , Enbition provides the necessary people, process and technology to meet all the financial needs.

We support our clients in executive decision making through providing reliable back-office processes, superior financial information and greater operational scalability and at the same time reduce the time spent on managing their finance team.

Through our cloud-based set-up with industry-leading software and a dedicated team of experienced finance professionals we handle all of the activities necessary to support a company in its financial needs.

Our benefits to you

  • Connected Data -No more excel sheets with disparate data. We provide a financial portal where all relevant information is available at the click of a button.
  • Process & Controls - We implement next-practices processes and controls to increase efficiency, transparency and scale-ability.
  • Right people - We provide skilled people who are experts in finance and back-office administration
  • Saving time - We free up the top performers in the company to focus on the strategic goals and activities of the company.
  • Financial Transparency - With extensive and real-time reporting we enable you to make decision based on a clear picture of your financial standing.
  • Ready for growth - Are you ready for the future? Your finance department has just become an enable of growth and not the constraint.