Do you feel that you have a good grip on your companies finances or have you found out due to corona that your insight is limited? Now is the time to make sure you are in control! 

To help you get better control over your business, we have created a standardized dashboard in #Powerbi, connected to ExactOnline. This dashboard gives realtime insight into your companies data. By focussing on the data that is most important for you, this releases you and gives you more control over your finances. This way you can spend that time on things your are actually good at!

Om ervoor te zorgen dat jij meer regie krijgt over jouw bedrijf, hebben wij een standaard dashboard ontwikkeld in #PowerBI gekoppeld aan Exact Online. Dit geeft jou realtime inzicht in je cijfers! Door inzicht te geven in de data die voor jou belangrijk is, ontlasten we jou en geven we je meer grip op je financiën. Heb jij ook weer tijd over om te doen waar je goed in bent!

Dashboard Enbition

This dashboard you can also share with other, like your investor or other stakeholders. This way all connected parties have direct insight in what they need to know. What else do you need?!

Interested to see what this dashboard would look like for you? We are happy to visit you and determine the most important variables for you company and showcase the dashboard.

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