As you may have read on our website, we are Enbition! But let’s get human! It’s bad manners not to personally introduce ourselves. 

We would love to tell you all about our services and what that all entails, but the truth is… people do business with people. Thats why in this blog we give a sneakpeak into the team, so that we get to know each other a bit better already. Or to be more precise,you get to know us… if you want us to know you too you would need to click here or at the end of this blog!


When you are talking about the stereotype ‘controller’, than Levi is not your guy. This young professional who loves making music is not inclined to the ‘the old fashioned ways’ within controlling. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and combines a personal approach with a skilled professional approach regarding the key metrics of your company. 

Age: 29
Fun fact: Before his master in accounting and control, he did a year of music academy in the UK.
Strength: With his strong entrepreneurial spirit he is able to apply a data-driven approach from the perspective of the entrepreneur. 


Robert is a serial entrepreneur. With years of experience in bookkeeping, consultancy and software development he is able to apply a broad view on your company. He flourishes when he is able to work together with people who live out there passion. 

Age: 54
Fun fact: Robert is litterally one of the largest entrepreneurs you will meet, ever! And his 2,16 metres in length is half of that. The other half is his years of experience as an entrepreneur.
Strength: Robert wakes up early, so don’t be surprised if the first e-mails are in your inbox when you still need to get your breakfast.


Supply chain management, Policy advisor, projectmanager, implementation consultant, management consultant, business developer…is there an area Tjitze didn’t gain experience in? He has started and finished many procesimprovement projects and it is an area he always excels in.

Age: 37
Fun fact: Doing nothing is not something Tjitze is good at. In his spare time he is always doing something, if it isn’t DIY, then he plays the guitar or plays sport.
Strength: Tjitze doesn’t hold back. He is quick to discern the area’s of improvement and will come up with a plan before you even asked for it.

Well, that’s enough for now, we can always talk about ourself later. We are curious about you! We would love to get introduced over a cup of koffie, we will bring the goodies!