After years of involvement with multiple start-ups and scale-ups there has always been 1 issue there was in common, a lack of time! As soon as your company starts to grow and the first signs of succes are visible, the admin and other supporting processes are the first victim of the succes. Yet they are essential for the next stage of growth!

From that experience we have developed an administrative approach to support entrepreneurs in a fundamental area of your company: the backbone of your organisation!

The scan

Before we start working for a new customer we first conduct a scan. We visit your company and within 1 day we make sure we have a good view of the current state of affairs. We speak to the relevant people, see how your processes are organises, what level of automation you already have and what the key things are that are important to your company!

The advice

After the scan we present to you a report with our advice on how the processes and procedures can be improved. And, if you agree, we also implement this. Why? Because telling someone how it should be done is step 1, but actually implementing it is a whole different ball game, and you don’t want to spend your time on that! Convenient for you, because in the end you have a smoother and more efficiently organised company. But it is also convenient for us, because this way we can support you in a future role with even more efficiency, which saves you money! 

The follow up

Your administrative organisation is now rock-solid, but then the real work starts. All the things that happen on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Off course, you can do this yourself as you used to, but I guess you have other things to focus on, right?? This is where we step in again. We become your “employee” that makes sure that all the work is done and done well. We come and work at your office when needed and partly we work remote. We make sure all the important KPI’s are visible in an online dashboard, we scale with the company as it grows, we monitor the process and we chip in some advice for free! Sounds good right?

Are you done with the stress and work of the administration, have you lost sight on all the different costs or are you tired of paying big bucks to your accountant every year with a minimum of support? Lets chat and have a cup of coffee! We are here to help.